Welcome To Drake Records!

A cozy and well-sorted recordstore in Cologne.

Drake Records started in 2008 - so it's 14 years already.
14 years of constant digging and music recording and releasing, endless conversations about sounds and countless listening sessions, radioshows and DJ sets.

Recently we've been moving - our street store can now be found at Ritterstr. 48 (near Saturn/Hansaring).

To get a rough idea about us; here's a bunch of short videos (that were mostly made over the first few years but still reflect the general vibe).


Can you feel it?

Many have (re-)discovered the value of touching a and looking at an actual record (instead of a small icon) as well as being able to listen to the vinyl (instead of a short soundfile).

It's way cooler.

Be part of the movement

and visit a recordstore!

Some of us have always been sticking to vinyl records anyway even through rough times when everybody thought  CD's were the shit (and now they're not worth a dime and it turns out they're really shit, haha).
The diggers that went the extra mile will always have a place at Drake Records (and that's one with a seat, recordplayer, headphones and a cup of tea).