Drake Records - Store, Mailorder, Record Taxi & Label

Drake Records

Niessenstr. 6

51103 Köln



Vinyl Street Store

Located at Niessenstr. 6 in Cologne's east is our vinyl store for those that like to dig records, touch them, look at the cover, play them and talk about them rather than ordering online.
-> At the moment the store is open again on Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat - 3 to 8 pm.


Vinyl Delivery

Although the social distancing/quarantine phase is over, we're delivering record orders ourselves within the Cologne city area (starting at EUR 50,-) or close cities like Bonn or Bergisch Gladbach, Altenberg, etc. (starting at EUR 75,-).
Simply give us a telephone call or write a message here or on facebook.



Vinyl Online Mailorder

For those that live too far away to simply drop by at our store or those who don't find the time - you can order some of our records online.

Here's part of our available stock listed for sale:


Drake Records also functions as a small label.

So far we've 12 releases. All 12 are available digitally via bandcamp, while 3 have also been pressed onto vinyl (two are still available) and two were available on cassette.

Mit wem haben Sie's denn eigentlich konkret zu tun?

Unten stehend eine kleine Video-Impression, die zwar bereits ein paar Jahre auf dem Buckel hat, jedoch immer noch ganz gut taugt, den Charakter des Ladens rüberzubringen.

Can you feel it?

Many have (re-)discovered the value of touching a and looking at an actual record (instead of a small icon) as well as being able to listen to the vinyl (instead of a short soundfile).

It's way cooler.

Be part of the movement

and visit a recordstore!

Some of us have always been sticking to vinyl records anyway even through rough times when everybody thought  CD's were the shit (and now they're not worth a dime and it turns out they're really shit, haha).
The diggers that went the extra mile will always have a place at Drake Records (and that's one with a seat, recordplayer, headphones and a cup of tea).