Drake Records - Store, Mailorder & Label

Drake Records

Niessenstr. 6

51103 Köln



Vinyl Street Store

Located at Niessenstr. 6 in Cologne's east is our vinyl store for those that like to dig records, touch them, look at the cover, play them and talk about them rather than ordering online.

Vinyl Online Mailorder

For those that live too far away to simply drop by at our store or those who don't find the time - you can order some of our records online.


Drake Records also functions as a small label.

We've released one record until now - the Ernest Drake "Guilty Of Thoughtcrime" mini LP on white vinyl - which of course can be ordered from this website.


Do you feel it?

Many are rediscovering the value of touching and looking at an actual record (instead of a small icon) as well as being able to listen to the vinyl (instead of a short soundfile).

It's way cooler.

Be part of the movement.

Be a real hippster.

Visit a recordstore!