Drake Records - Store, Mailorder Record Taxi & Label

Drake Records

Niessenstr. 6

51103 Köln



Vinyl Street Store

Located at Niessenstr. 6 in Cologne's east is our vinyl store for those that like to dig records, touch them, look at the cover, play them and talk about them rather than ordering online.
-> At the moment the store is temporarily closed because of the Corona/COVID19 situation but we're delivering records ourselves and of course still ship internationally!


Vinyl Delivery

During the social distancing/quarantine phase we're delivering record orders ourselves within the Cologne city area (starting at EUR 30,-) or close cities like Bonn or Bergisch Gladbach, Altenberg, etc. (starting at EUR 50,-).
Simply give us a telephone call or write a message here or on facebook.



Vinyl Online Mailorder

For those that live too far away to simply drop by at our store or those who don't find the time - you can order some of our records online.
At the moment we only directly deliver or ship records.
Here's a large part of our available stock listed for sale:


Drake Records also functions as a small label.

So far we've 12 releases. All 12 are available digitally via bandcamp and 3 have also been pressed onto vinyl (two are still available).

Do you feel it?

Many are rediscovering the value of touching and looking at an actual record (instead of a small icon) as well as being able to listen to the vinyl (instead of a short soundfile).

It's way cooler.

Be part of the movement

and visit a recordstore!
(Well maybe not right now - stay home and healthy).

Some of us have always been sticking to vinyl records anyway even through rough times when everybody thought  CD's were the shit (and now they're not worth a dime and it turns out they're really shit, haha).
The diggers that went the extra mile will always have a place at Drake Records (and that's one with a seat, recordplayer, headphones and a cup of tea).